Might be Ding Ding...

    These days, everyone I know seems to be in a funk. The days are getting darker, the weather colder and the economy crappier. But lately, I find myself sporting the goofiest grin while going about my daily business. Sometimes, there really isn't anything special about the moment, but I float right through it. I've spent so much time these last few years feeling void of any emotion, with the exception of anger and lately, I find myself feeling things I didn't realize I could right now. I wish I hadn't wasted so many nights and tears. At the end of the day, it really wasn't worth it... it never is.

    In an attempt to bottle up this emotion, I am making an ongoing list of all the simple pleasures I rarely take the time to appreciate, in the event those tears return. Here's my working list of Favorite Things:
    • mix tapes
    • random hugs
    • playing on the swings
    • showering in the dark
    • White Chocolate Mocha's
    • cold side of the pillow
    • green lights all the way home
    • letters via snail mail
    • smell of lavender and citrus
    • lazy Sunday mornings snuggling with the ones you love
    • an elderly couple holding hands
    • Good Morning emails from those I care about
    • and my favorite... the sound of my daughter's laughter... it's like a band-aid... it makes everything better.
    Oh.... and for those of you that are wondering... I had an amazing weekend and a great followup Monday night. Lots of great friends and a boy were involved. You may get details later.

    The Knife - N.Y. Hotel
    Simple, beautiful and almost haunting song about love lost... gets me every time.

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