The 2 Player Game.

    Wow… so I did really great with the everyday posting. I lack follow-through… we all know that. I don’t know what the deal is, but this week has been challenging for Addi and I. We fight every morning and just seem to be off in general. I’m sure it’s me… after all, I have been told many times I am the moodiest person alive. Granted, she is my daughter and just as moody – not to mention, she’s two, but we don’t typically have weeks like this - maybe moments or a day, but not a week. Is she picking up on something else? Her schedule and daily routine have been completely different… I think she’s missing something, badly.

    I snapped at her the other day… full fledged snapped. It’s the second time ever. It makes me feel terrible. The first time, she wouldn’t leave the stove alone and was under my feet while trying to cook dinner… this time she was putting lotion in her hair and had just thrown her monkey in the toilet and I had 20 minutes to get her to school and myself to work.

    Let’s hope this is just a funk and not a new way of interaction for the two of us. I hate the idea of Addi being mad at me when I drop her off at school or the idea that I’m not giving her enough attention. Sometimes, I look at her and you can almost see it on her face… she’s on to me… and she knows I’m just winging this whole thing.

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