"Did He Just Say 'Grand Central Station' or 'My Aunt's Constipation'? "

    Addi went to see Madagascar 2 tonight. First time ever in a movie theater...and she was awesome! Sometimes I am amazed how well behaved she is. Yes, thank you... I will pat myself on the back for a lot of that. I wish you could have been there to see her face light up when she saw the screen. She was positively breathless for the first 30 minutes.

    Madagascar is her favorite movie - we watch it probably 10 times a week. No matter what I am doing or how many times I have seen the movie that day, I always stop what I am doing and watch the first 10 minutes with her. She doesn't react the way she used to anymore, but her face is still so expressive... in the opening of the movie, Marty, the Zebra, is daydreaming of running and playing in the "Wild!" and his friend Alex, the Lion, playfully sneaks up behind him and scares him. Addi would jump every time... even if you hit rewind and immediately played it again. She gets so into the movie. It's great.

    The second was not as good ["You have excellent taste in music, but horrible taste in friends."] I will admit, I didn't catch very much of it... I paid solely to see Addi's face... and I got my money's worth. She was content with her popcorn, Twizzlers and vitamin water until about the last 30 minutes of the show. But still she didn't get up until I asked if she wanted to sit on my lap... at which point we just sang and danced through the rest of the movie.

    She's at such a fun age right now... learning new words all the time and at the point where I can take her out to do more things. I just wish it wasn't so cold... which reminds me of our Chuckie Cheese visit, which I have yet to post about.

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