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    [One of my favorite pics of Addi... she's always been a little random. This stuffed monkey is to this day, one of her best friends ... poor little guy has been through a lot with her, 2 rounds of seizures,4 hospital stays, countless puke-fests, leaky diapers... the whole 9 yards. She loves him and used to let him sleep on her head.]

    I need to start posting every day on here... how am I supposed to remember all the little things if I don't? Here is a hodgepodge of conversational bits from the last few days...

    Our apartment is crazy town right now. We're reorganizing everything... closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Addi's room is housing the brunt of the ordeal right now... it's a nightmare. She comes home from her Dad's house yesterday and heads straight to put her things away...
    "Mommy! 'Mere. Mommy! Mommy!"
    "What's up, Monkey?"
    "Mommy... bake it. Mess. You bake it. No no."
    And she stormed out of her room.
    Awesome. My 2 year old just scolded me for messing up her room. That's a new low for me... I know I need to work on picking up a little more, but when Addi scolds me... that's rough.
    [oh... bake it is Addi for break it.]

    Addi and I sat and watched the last half of the Bears game [Go Bears!!] yesterday... now by this point I think the majority of my friends realize just how little TV I watch, but Addi is exactly the same. She doesn't even make it through an entire Sponge Bob [Bob-ah].... and that's her favorite! She watched 45 minutes of the game yesterday. 45 minutes? Now, I know very little about football... I know they run around, Give out lots of "Good Games" and I know 2 positions... Quarterback and Tight End [aren't they pretty much all that though?]... so I was struggling to try and find ways to keep her attention... I really didn't need to, though.
    "Mommy. Was tha?" she asks pointing to the football game.
    "It's football, Addi. See? They run..."
    "Running!" she screams as she's claps her hands... she's easily entertained.
    "Watch Addi... see? They tackled him. Uh oh! They jumped on him."
    "Uh oh! Tacky?"
    "Watch. They're going to get him again. See the ball?"
    Addi jumps off the couch and screams, "Ahch! Ahch! Tacky! Owwie, Mommy."
    She actively watched the game for another 30 minutes... commenting and asking questions. The sad part... I think she understands the game better than I do.

    Addi loves my cell phone... loves it. I think it's partly because there is always a picture of her up as my wallpaper and she loves to look at herself. She will flip open the phone, see herself, scream her name, giggle and start crazy dancing. I wish YouTube would let me upload the videos I have of her dancing. You can't help but laugh. Yesterday, Addi had an argument with me while pretending to talk on my phone... it was hilarious to watch her wrinkle her face up and put her hands on her hips in mock frustration.
    Dangling my phone in front of my face, "Addi's phone."
    "No. Mommy's phone."
    "No no. Addi's phone."
    "Whateva, Addi. It's mommy's phone. Where's yours?"
    "No. Addi's phone." [Pretends to talk on the phone] "'Lo. [laughs] Addi's phone. Baby eat. Mommy 'ere," and throws the phone at me.
    "Hello. Mommy's phone. Uh huh. Yeah, Baby's eating. Oh, you want to talk to Addi now? Ok." [Hands phone to Addi]
    "'Lo. Addi's phone." [giggles and gives the phone back to mommy]
    "Hello. Mommy's phone. Oh I know, Addi's silly. Yep. It is time for Addi to go night night. Baby, too." [Addi makes a face and sticks out her lip and starts shaking her head]
    "No Mommy. No night night. Phone!!" [grabs phone] 'Lo! No night night. Mommy no no. Be good girl. No night night." [hands phone back to me]
    "Hello. Yeah... Addi's still going to go night night."
    "No, Mommy!! No night night!" and she walked towards her room to get ready.
    I just love how ornery she is... arguing with me over a pretend phone conversation? It was hilarious. I was trying so hard not to laugh.


    Katy said...

    Everyday? You are ambitious.

    Jennifer said...

    This is my favorite post so far. I got experience some of your "Addi conversations" last night and it was the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time, melted my heart :)

    P.S. Ambitious, but you can do it!


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