Define: Irony

    I have been on a huge Jason Mraz kick lately... sometimes I am just hit with a musical OCD kink and I have to roll with it. So, tonight I was watching some of my favorite Mraz moments on YouTube. Now, who hasn't seen the covers that people post as a tribute to their favorite singers? Seriously? Really? A tribute? Curiosity killed me and I had to click... I chose the most random looking screen shot and closed my eyes as I hit play...

    and holy crap! This chick can sing! I was sitting here all excited in my 'newly found' caddy bitch state and was ready to bring on the pain... Turns out she is a funk singer here in Chicago... guess who's going to a show? :)

    And then, I saw this... [it's too special to be embedded... sorry folks.]
    Video Response/Added Harmony

    Ok... now this has gone too far. People really sit at home and do this shit? Go outside! The cold weather is good for you! Socialize with real people!

    Ironic coming from me... I know. But I have a very healthy and interactive social life...with real people... face to face. Some days, I could actually go for a little more downtime.

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