Go back... way back to the days of your youth. Do you remember the excitement you felt each morning as you would pour your breakfast cereal and wait with eager anticipation for the day that toy fell into your bowl sending cereal flying? Or could you not wait and just plunged your whole arm in digging until you found it?

    I was at the grocery store with Addi over the weekend and I let her pick her own cereal... sugar and all. She picked out Golden Crisp because it has her favorite movie characters, Alex and Marty from Madagascar. And... a special toy Alex inside. There were only 2 other cereals that had toys inside the boxes. [When did they stop that?]

    This morning after Addi had gone to school, I opened the box and went to pour a bowl. Inside the box, the cereal bag was sealed and right there on top of the bag, was the toy. What the hell?! Seriously, what the hell!

    If I were pumped full of coffee I would jump up on my soap box and rant about simpler days, use of imagination and not having everything just handed to you like the generation of children we are raising right now. Ironic coming from someone who grew up in the Slacker Generation as my older [and wiser..haha] friends like to remind me. Instead, I am going to sit here and drink my sugary milk remembering the games I played growing up and the imagination that went into them... and when I am done, I'm shoving that toy into the bag of cereal.


    Jennifer said...

    LOL, couldn't you have just taken the bag out and flipped it upside down in the box?

    Nikki said...

    You can't! It's so stupid how they have these things set up now. They are in separate bags and both are sealed... Cereal has become so boring and safe now. I blame China with all their lead coated toys.

    Great... I have turned into one of those people who makes everything political. LOL Save me, Jenn! :)

    Jennifer said...

    but if you had taken the cereal bag out of the box before you opened it and turned it upside down, the toy would have been at the bottom, no? Maybe I need to go buy a box of cereal and see what the heck they've done! I miss my Cookie Crisp! LOL.

    Oh and I blame China too. Bastards!

    Nikki said...

    lol... boo on China. ;)

    Eveything is sealed so tightly now, I have to use my teeth or scissors sometimes to open the bags. It's BS I tell you. It's almost less work to scramble eggs and make some french toast! :)

    I love how in depth we both are about a toy in a bag of cereal! LOL

    Jennifer said...

    LOL. Maybe we both need to get out of the house more often? I was never allowed to dig through the box, I had to eat my way to the toy!

    My how times have changed. I miss my rainbow bright cereal bowl and juice glass. What ever happened to her? She was one cool chick!

    Nikki said...

    Oh Rainbow Bright! I was her biggest fan! I had a baby Rainbow Bright until I was... well... too old. ;) Why hasn't she made a comeback? I think it's cute that My Little Pony and Carebears are back... I was big into those when I was younger.

    Jennifer said...

    Me too! That's part of why I had to make sure Ms. Addi had one, Carebears rocked! Though I caught part of one of the new cartoons and man have they made a mess out of it! We need a channel w/the classics back! Do you remember the snorks?


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