I was browsing my new favorite site, Etsy, for random things... and came across this product. I've tired to be open minded, but at the end of the day, I'm not ok with this and it can't be ignored. Am I being too uptight here or is this really that gross?

    Muffies: cute, colorful, comfortable cloth pads...

    New to cloth pads? Give them a chance and join the ranks of happy cloth users. They are super soft and comfortable - no more chafing from disposables. Secure, highly leak resistant, chlorine free, environmentally friendly and frugal, what's not to love about them? Oh, and I bet you would be surprised how easy it is to keep them stain free and fresh: just rinse in cold water after use, fold and snap, and then run through the washing machine at your leisure (before they dry out is best). A bit of white vinegar added to your wash load is an amazingly effective, inexpensive, all natural deodorizer that eradicates odors and mildew and leaves them fresh as new.


    Jennifer said...

    WTF...that's all I've got.

    Nikki said...

    I know, baby. I know. lol


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