Now I know why my mother takes Valium.

    It's 9 pm Sunday night and I am exhausted. 100% burned out.
    Why? Hmm... lets see...

    Addi called Josh an old man [see previous post "Oh...Snap!]. Conversation with her is beginning to be such a treat! Josh, Addi and I were driving to Wheaton to run some errands and were making small-talk... yes. I was making small-talk. He started naming all the colors just to get her engaged. For about 5 minutes, she humored him and repeated the colors he called out. Finally, she stopped and said, "Nuff, Joshy. Nuff colors." And looked out the window while I silently laughed my ass off.

    We stopped at Payless shoes to buy a pair Addison has become obsessed with. My sister started it. She bought her these shoes and Addi outgrew them in a week. Apparently, they were Addi's favorite pair. Now every morning, Addi asks to wear them and sticks out her bottom lip when I tell her they're too small. Payless had one pair in her size... and they happened to have a little (fixable) tear in them. Guess who still had to have them?? She's 2!

    After the shoe store, we wandered over to the pet store and watched Addi kiss the glass of all the little puppies in the store. Somewhere between the parrot and the ferret, Addi had enough and pitched a fit. I had to cradle her and literally wrap my arms behind her legs and pull them behind my back to control her. She's very strong... both physically and in will power.

    Lunch at Chili's brought another tantrum. She likes to shake the sugar packets and when Josh tried to put a couple away, she lost her mind. She had 10 on the table... who would have thought the 3 he put away were that important.

    My favorite part of the day was grocery shopping. We started out in the largest cart in the store... the car cart. It has 6 wheels! It's impossible to push and the basket is ridiculously small. Addi likes to help...with the laundry, with the dishes, even cleaning her room. Grocery shopping though... she's a little too helpful. She does have a knack for finding the least expensive item on the shelf, but seemed to think that we needed 1 of everything. Grocery shopping with her has become an adventure. Sometimes she's cool... other times, not so much. Today was the not so much part... she threw a fit... a full blown shaking, snot flying, screaming & yelling fit, in the dairy aisle for 30 minutes. Since this was the third one today, I was now a pro at somehow pissing her off more.

    I will admit I am that mother... the one who sits on the bench or leaves her screaming kid in the cart until she calms down and doesn't give a flying rats ass what people around me think about my kid screaming. We cleared the dairy aisle and of course got the visual critiques from all the old women in the store. At one point, after some lady followed me around the store for 20 minutes after Addi stopped screaming, muttering under her breath how I was too young and was immature and disrespectful... I nearly turned to her and asked, "I'm almost 30 years old... so too young my ass! Immature I'll give you... sometimes we all are... even you, Grams, and right now is a perfect example! Was it really that long ago that you were in my shoes? Or is that you have always been a miserable and judgmental hag and no one ever wanted to have kids with you...so you've never experienced this?" But I didn't, because regardless of what Cruella thoughts, I'm not disrespectful.

    I wish I could say that was it for the day on the tantrum front, but there was a dinner fit still left in her. Thankfully, this time, we were home and time-outs kill the tantrums quick. You know when your mother always says, someday you're going to have a child just like you and you'll see how exhausting it is... why must they curse us like that?

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