Be the Subject. Not just About.

    I always had really low self-esteem growing up.. ok. Most of my life. I'd like to think I've grown up and broken through that, but it bothers me because I see incredibly confident women around me get self-conscious about aging and their weight. They diet destructively, have plastic surgery and freak out about approaching their 30's. It made me stop and think... if you freak out about 30 or 40, aren't you going to be mad when you turn 80 and realize you wasted all that time worrying?

    I recently turned 28... and while I am not old by any stretch of the imagination, I've often felt it. I've recently let go of many things I didn't think I ever would. I am sure at some point these will come back to haunt me, but for now, I couldn't be happier with who I am, where I am... and where I'm going. Call me cheesy, but I've woken up these last few days with a smile on my face and the phrase, "Bring it on bitches" ringing loudly in my head.

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