A Beautiful Messy Morning.

    Just like clock work, Addi strolled into my room at 5:30 this morning, blankie and giraffe in hand, and crawled in next to me. She lay on her side facing me and cupped my chin. Waking up each morning to those big beautiful blues has become my favorite start to any day.

    Some mornings, I am too rushed. I spend too much time cuddling in bed and race like a maniac trying to get both of us ready. Today was one such morning. My hurriedness challenged Addi and her desire for attention and some one on one time with mommy. A struggle turned crying fit sent Addi to time out this morning. I picked her up and carried her to her room… when I felt the warmth on my hip. I’m sure this wasn’t intentional, but as frustrating as it was that she worked herself up so much she peed herself… and me, I couldn’t help but snicker at the situation. About twenty minutes later, after she had successfully broken my heart with her cries and pleads, we tackled getting dressed again.

    I went to my room and continued to get myself in order. She loves to get ready with me in the bathroom and it makes me laugh so hard to see her copying me. When I left her, she was walking in my heels and carrying around my deodorant. I went to the kitchen to grab her breakfast and came back to find my daughter covered in blush and liquid eyeliner.

    As soon as I saw her face, I let out a loud gasp and she returned a look of sheer horror. But honestly, I was just so impressed that she managed to draw a star on her face that I burst into laughter.

    There are some mornings when I feel that solitary thread of sanity that I’ve been relying on is going to finally snap. But the one thing that pulls me back and keeps me in check… is the smile on my little angel’s face.

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