Crab fingers and rum shooters

    For the most part, I love my job. I truly do. Endless challenges and opportunities always tug at my heart strings.

    Then... there are days like today, when I want to close my office door and stamp my feet like a 3-year old and just... scream. I can't remember the last time I was able to complete a project. Lots of mundane tasks are being accomplished left and right, but I have numerous projects that have to get done and my stress level with this place right now is maxed out.

    Today, my co-worker in crime who also poses as one of my closest friends, took a time-out and headed to Target for a much needed break. It takes about 5 minutes parking lot to parking lot. Literally, the entire time, we took turns yelling about the others that were irritating us... it was hilarious. We were just releasing. I couldn't figure out what was funnier, the two of us yelling and laughing or this comment... "They don't want to use a limo because its too hard for people to scoot out of the car. So, we're going with a bus." Seriously?? I am sure you don't see the hilarity and to understand it completely you would have to work here.

    We carried our rants into Target, laughing at the absurdity, when my friend bumped into an abandoned cart with an end table hanging out. She turned to the cart, put her hand on the table and said, "Excuse me." She rounded the corner, stopped and nearly double over laughing. "I'm so stressed out, I just apologized to a table!"

    Its good times here at the 9-5.

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