Highly satisfied and full on nonsense.

    Lately, it seems that many of the bloggers that I follow are posting the things they are grateful for and that inspire them. So, I'm going to follow the herd and be lemming-ish. It's for good... so it's ok. {{giggle}}

    Who or what are you trusting today?
    Right now, I'm finally trusting myself. It's still a little weird and sometimes I still feel like I can't be alone or sit still for any real length of time, but I think I'm finally getting to a point where I realize the voices in my head don't mean me any harm.

    Who or what are you grateful for today?
    My sanity. And I wouldn't have that without my truly amazing friends. I briefly talked to one of my best friends, Sivar, over the weekend and though I desire more communication and interaction with him, I have also come to terms with the relationship we have now and value it more now than ever before, because even after some horribly disrespectful things I have done to him, he still talks to me... and that type of commitment and understanding isn't something you encounter all the time. My friends have helped me through a lot... it's an incredible feeling knowing that at any given time, there is someone willing to let me bounce the random thoughts and concerns ruling my head off theirs.

    Who or what is inspiring you today?
    My daughter, Addi, is my inspiration... not only today, but everyday. She very rarely isn't wearing the brightest smile and even when I'm irritated with her for peeing her pants 6 times in one day, she can still make me laugh when I should be steaming. She's teaching me to appreciate the finer, simpler things in life.

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