Rave on, this crazy feeling.

    This week ended on a much higher note than it started. Tuesday, I received some interesting news from my Dr and spent the rest of the day locked in my head. Looks like there are some more tests in my near future. Wednesday, I received notice that Addi's dad had rolled his car and was in the hospital. Thankfully, no major damage to him. Thursday, I met up with Carl for lunch. He told me not too long ago that I had too many strings attached. I heard what he said, but didn't really get it until yesterday. That was another reason for moving my mommy blog over here, I have too many separate things going on and I need to bring it all back to center.

    Not only do I have this blog and the StickyFingers blog, I also have another hosted on Vox, that hasn't been updated in months... and my private blog. Which, after finally remembering my log-in information, I actually considered moving here too and uncloaking. But there really is no sense in inundating you with the wretched bitching of the darker corners of my heart, so after one final posting there, I am bidding farewell to that one as well. From 4 to 1, all in one day. Oh... and there is still a Tumblr blog floating out there, but I don't think I will ever close that one. It belongs to a part of my heart that will always remain open.

    Point of that ramble, was inspiration, from my dear friend, Carl, and also from a constant source of strength, Ms Single Mamma. Late Thursday night, she rolled out her necklace symbolizing “growth.passion.love.” Instantly, I realized I had to have it… and soon, I will!

    Friday, continued carrying me on that high... after my morning shower while sitting on my sink, towel wrapped around my head,tweezing my eyebrows, Addi came running into the bathroom and proclaimed, "You're so pretty, Mommy! I love you!" And then ran off back to her room. I've never heard her say either of those before! It was the sweetest thing and I felt honored to be the recipient of her compliment. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't fully appreciate how lucky I am to have her in my life.

    Saturday morning I spent uncovering new music, one of my favorite things. CocoRosie, Janelle Monae and Nataly Dawn have all been on continuous repeat this weekend. CocoRosie is so unique and interesting, they send shivers down my spine each time I hear them... I simply cannot get enough of these amazing artists. I'm working on 5 mixed tapes right now, so I'm rediscovering a lot of my old favorites, too. I'll post the truly remarkable ones here as they come up. For now, listen to this song and tell me what you think...

    Long story short, this week has been about remembering what is important, staying focused on tthem and surrounding myself with those that keep me sane.


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