Touché little monkey, touché.

    [picture taken via @beporter]

    I was in Blockbuster last weekend getting some movies for Addi and I, when I noticed she had a bunch of gunk on her face. I did the motherly thing and licked my finger than wiped her face. Addi cocked her head to one side, licked her finger and smiled as she wiped my face. Seeing the look of horror on my face, she proudly replied, “Uh huh” and went back to picking out her candy.

    Each morning when I get dressed, Addi sits on my bed watching. Some days she helps and picks out my shoes or tries to put my makeup on. Without fail though, her favorite thing is my bra. I’ve caught her wearing it like a backpack before. Each morning she hands it to me and tells me, “Mommy, put your boobies on.” My theory… girls are never too young to learn the magic of the Wonder Bra.

    A couple of weekends ago, Addi and I were at breakfast with J, who I would like to note was for the first time perhaps since I’ve known him… late. Addi had a case of the wiggles and could not sit still. I put on my best “mommy stare” and leaned my forehead against hers, trying to instill a little fear in this monkey. She pulled out her copy of the “mommy stare” and we sat forehead to forehead for the better part of a minute. J was trying so hard to maintain his laughter. Addi finally broke the stare, looked across the table at J, pointed to me and said, “She’s so funny.” /facepalm

    Last Monday I stayed home feeling a little under the weather. Addi and I sat down to watch a movie, which I inevitably fell asleep for sometime before the opening credits finished. I awoke to see Addi sitting on the floor amid a mountain of confetti.

    “Addi. What happened?”

    “I had a spaghetti party.”

    Laughing, I got up to survey the rest of the damage. There were goldfish crackers all over the floor, the dirty clothes I’d been washing were still in the hallway, except the towels... Those she folded and lined against the wall. And I’m pretty sure she poured orange juice in my plant.

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