We'll sit. We'll visit. We'll tie ourselves in knots.

    I think we all know how much I love Chicago and immersing myself randomly in it whenever I can, so I won’t bore you, yet again, with the details on why. However, this Saturday, the lovely @jrporter and I will be taking a day trip to spend some time down there. Why you ask? In search of random acts of awesome and amazing. We have no agenda. We will only be armed with a train schedule, our cameras and the desire to shed some old skin.

    Its been a while since I’ve done this… and planning this has reminded me of my more carefree days… days I would pack up and tool around until I found something, even if it was hours away, that caught my interest. I would stay long enough for it to make an impression and then leave.

    Oh, how I love these days. Perhaps it is the romantic in me or that little blue-eyed girl, who sat on haystacks, dreaming of adventures she’d take, re-surfacing. When I was younger, I wanted to spend my twenty’s traveling Europe on a Vespa taking pictures of all my adventures while spinning romantic tales with oil paints.

    I’m a fairly simple girl… one who still daydreams of retiring among lavender fields, gets swept away in melodies, leaves anonymous love notes in homeless books, and is moved to tears at the sight of old couples grocery shopping, hand in hand.

    A family of butterflies has taken up residency in my stomach… I can’t wait to spend some time with my dear friend while taking some time out to… just be.

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    Jenn said...

    I <3 you! I can't wait either and don't forget your sticky notes!


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