Note to self: Life is for deep kisses, strange adventures and rambling conversations.

    I often wish I could just plug myself in and download my thoughts directly to this space. I've so many things to say to you. It's hard to find the time to get it all out... My fingers simply cannot keep up.

    It's been suggested that I give video blogging a shot. This thought makes me wrinkle up my nose. I'm so long winded and awkward in person, I can't imagine I would hold your attention for long, but its a new year and my one and only resolution is to embrace change and seek new opportunities. So... Maybe. Could be fun. Blech...

    Baby steps, right?

    That reminds me... I need to tell you about my New Years, my upcoming travel plans, the revelation I had while riding a dragon last weekend.... ooo... I think I'm out of eggs and {licks hand} yeah... I need to brush my teeth again. Damn spinach artichoke chips.

    Scratch that... I'm not telling you what I did New Years Eve.

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    chaz2b said...

    please dont switch to video, then i wont be able to hear you (I dont have sound) and i'm dying to find out what happened new uears eve, ;)


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