Laughter really is the best medicine... and its cheaper than hair plugs.

    After another exchange of awkward texts today, involving a very ill received compliment, I opened my Google Reader to pour through the several hundred blogs I browse... for inspiration... for clarity... for distraction.

    Forgive my bad taste in humor, but I laughed out loud when this article popped up.

    How to Take a Compliment

    Compliments are a part of life, and although you might not always feel you deserve them learning to accept a compliment graciously is a life skill you'll never regret.

    Be grateful The best thing you can do when someone compliments you is to simply say 'thank you.' And smile, because smiles work wonders.

    if and when appropriate. If you've just won an amazing award you can say "thank you" and leave it that, but if it's something simpler like a friend complimenting your new haircut say thank you and then return the favor by complimenting her scarf or new shade of lipstick.

    Don't argue
    or try to invalidate the compliment. For example if someone says "Good job!" don't counter with "I could have done better." Accept the compliment for what it is and don't make people work to get their point across.

    Be sincere
    Be genuine in your response, not absent-minded or mechanical. Really mean it when you say thank you, and if/when you compliment them in return.

    People sometimes feel that when they accept a compliment it makes them seem self-centered or arrogant, but really when people argue or negate positive acknowledgments they just come off as insecure, uninterested, or rude even. It's much better to be a well-rounded, balanced individual that can appreciate when someone is making a kind gesture.

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