One fine day to be... nude.

    Honestly, I'm feeling a little burned out today. A little more vulnerable. And I hate it here. I need a pick me up tonight.

    Its a sad awakening when one realizes the locks and chains around their beating heart. Humbling when one realizes the effect it has on someone they care about. Embarrassing when efforts to change go unnoticed. I'm probably just doing it wrong. Yeah, that's it. Patience, I guess... that's the only word that my limp brain can muster right now. 

    I've never been comfortable in my "patient pants"... and even if I were... I'm sure they wouldn't fit right now anyways.

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    singlemomma said...

    My patient pants don't fit either. Come to think of it...none of my pants fit me...hmmmm...where o where did my ass go?!


    Here are a few words for that limp brain of yours....
    and #assslap



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