The sun... it rises slowly, as you walk.

    I’m stealing an idea from a blogger I fell in love with about 2 years ago. As J says, “Amalia, she’s amazing.” And she truly is. Please. Go see for yourself... 

    Today I am trusting … that is all. This is, at times, far more than I can accept… but I’m trying.

    Today I am thankful for this man and the changes in my life he is inspiring.

    Today I am inspired by an old soul I met via Twitter, @MorseMusings. We have shared the occasional comment here and there and her words always light a fire in my stomach and warm my soul. I ventured to her blog today, to catch up on my neglected readings. This woman is powerful. Graceful. Humble.

    Quietly, I await the weekend. Addison and I will be participating in our first annual Breast Cancer walk.  I'm excited to share this experience with her and I look forward to many more. So far, that's the only plan this weekend. I'd love to grab my sketch book and head for the mountains... but alas... Illinois has none.

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