Embracing new opportunities

    Not only do my mouth and my brain run a million miles a minute, but at one time... so did my hands. I used to fancy myself Idaho's version of Martha Stewart, but with better hair, better business sense... and a real sense of humor. Ok... so the only thing Martha and I had in common was the love of creating things.

    Re-upholstery. Floral design. Sewing: home decor, clothes, dolls (you name it... I sewed it). Furniture restoration. Painting. Scrapbooking. Crochet. Cross stitch. I once built a dollhouse (power tools and all) taller than my 7 year old sister. I like to think it was her favorite birthday present ever. In short, I don't like knowing there is something that I can't do. I've briefly played with web design (I dreamt in html code for an entire summer... lame... really, really lame I know, but I was about 18 and I taught myself, so give me a break) and graphic design... which have led to my recent and quite frankly, most exciting, project. Illustration.

    I am illustrating a children's book. It feels surreal and commission artwork is something I've only dreamt of, so forgive me if I skip around for the next few months. This project has caused a rebirth within me, if you will. You see, most of my education is either in business or art. Art and the love for design is what moved me half way across the country to Chicago. But a couple years after I moved, real life set in and my surroundings dictated a different emphasis.

    It's ironic to me, really, because I originally gave up my love of all things design when I found myself pregnant with my daughter. Yet I find it again, four years later, when I am pregnant with my son. Life is funny, isn't it?  I'm embracing it this time... and I plan to never let it wander again. I'm currently undertaking several projects, which I can't wait to share with you... including opening two different businesses, one with one of my favorite domestic diva's and the other perhaps for no more reason than to justify the time and to share the many things I'm inspired by daily.

    This isn't for everyone. And I can appreciate that. So, I've moved my creative brain to my online studio. Maybe I'll see you there and we share the things that leave us speechless... and maybe, just maybe one of you can teach me how to knit.

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    morsemusings said...

    Oh joy! Let's share the things that leave us speechless. YOU.


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