The real lessons I want her to know...

    It breaks my heart watching this rat race we all try and survive in. Watching the people around me scramble for morsels of power, prestige and praise. Maybe it's because I came from a world of nothing and I simply don't know what I'm missing, but I'm comfortable... Nay... Content in the belief that everything that is truly golden in the world I already have. An emotionally and mentally gorgeous daughter, friends willing to test time with me, family to lean on even if they're worlds away, a roof that doesn't leak over my head and the knowledge that love really is all around us.

    It doesn't have to rhyme to be called a poem. It doesn't have to be adventurous to be in a picture. It doesn't have to be profound to tell a story. It simply has to be. The day I realized that my life wasn't something to work towards, It was what I was missing now, that's the day I swore I'd never take for granted anything again.
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