Eventually, your failure to make a decision will be your decision.

    I’ve learned the hard way how damaging our actions and words can be. So, I strive to follow one mantra…
    Live authentically.

    No, I haven’t always and yes, that’s hurt people. People I’ve deeply cared for. So, it’s become a mission of mine.

    Enjoy the small things.
    Celebrate and live in every moment.
    Never take anyone for granted.
    Be honest… to yourself and those around you.

    Teaching my children will prove to be a struggle sometimes. Maintaining myself will, too. I’d love more than anything to travel back in time and find the moment that changed our mentality. When did we all become so materialistic? When did we start letting our ego’s rule our actions? When did it become more important to update your Facebook status about having dinner with your family… than to actually have dinner with your family?

    I’ll just keep repeating myself until it is nature, I guess.
    Don’t say things you don’t mean.
    Treat everyone the way you wish to be treated.

    And for God’s sake… let’s stop lying to one another. 

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