Nevermind. Forget it... just memories.

    Today my Mom hit me.
    Just out of the blue, for no obvious reason.
    The other night I thought of her while in the midst of a completely surreal moment.
    For a split second, that night, I made a mental note to tell her about it.
    And then quickly boxed the realization that I can never again tell her about anything.
    I guess, in my haste to box it, I forgot to make sure the lid was closed.

    I miss my mother every day. Even after nearly a year. I do feel like there is something missing and I have a bittersweet love affair with the hope that someday I will stop reminding myself to tell her about things.

    Someday, I'll let her go... But even as deep as it cuts, I really love having her so close right now.

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