The city settled down... the moon has won the war.

    I knew 2012 would be better than 2011. It just had to be. There wasn't much further one could fall. Here we are mid October and I've butterflies in my stomach, for so many different reasons. In 2 weeks time my life will look completely different and I'm eagerly anticipating that change. It's a healthier state of mind, a happier heart and an honest way of being.

    I'm ready... feet planted and I'm bracing for any storms... but I know now, that there isn't anything I can't get through.

    ... And this song found me this morning. My roots are calling me, I guess. I've spent more time with the country folk these past 2 months than I have in a good 2 years. It's my happy place... my comfort zone. I am a country girl at heart. You can blame it on all that Idaho I did in my younger years, I 'spose. ;)

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