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    I have a new daily routine [it started less than a week ago, so when I say new...]. I wake up with the wonderful Mr. J, before the sun comes up [now, I am not by nature a "morning person', so you have to understand how big this is for me] and check the various news sites, humorous and often enlightening blogs I follow and best of all, Flickr. I have become addicted to it. There are so many amazing photographers from all over the world on there, and this morning while rooting around on there, I came across this guy and his wonderful project. Started by one woman, now supported by first one flickr member and hopefully soon many more.
    Please read and maybe you find it as amazing as I do.

    Originally uploaded by L’État c’est Moi.

    I recently met someone who really inspired me to do something positive this Xmas. Her name is Maria Conceicao, she is a flight attendant for Emirates Airlines.

    "I bet you did”I hear you say. But this is not supposed to be fun.

    Whilst attempting to find a costume for our recent Xmas party I cleared out loads of old clothes, shoes and bags that I had in my home. These were either things I have bought or been given as freebees that I never wear or use anymore.

    The point is, as I was driving on Saturday I heard a DJ on the radio mention about Maria and how she was collecting things for the children in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Mainly what she was looking for is bags and stationary.

    Perfect! Now I knew where to take them. I phoned Maria and arranged to take the stuff over to her on Sunday lunch time.
    This is where the inspiration came in…

    This young woman who works full time as a flight attendant has single handedly started a charity for the families and kids in Dhaka. To date, one year after starting the charity, she has built a school, has over 100 families enrolled in the project and put 270 kids into school. She has built a beautician school to teach the mothers skills. She has built a medical room to help the sick children, and a library. And much more. All this done by one young lady.

    The thing that amazed me most, was that all this has been done by word of mouth. Maria relies totally on donations of clothes, books, shoes and whatever people are throwing out. Which she then sells at boot sales or turns her apartment into a jumble sale. The proceeds are then spent on food and clothing that will be useful for children. Even more amazingly, then taken over to Dhaka in suitcases of hers and other Emirates staff.

    She told me an astonishing fact. The average life span for a child in Bangladesh is eleven years old.

    Just 300 dhs covers 1 year education .. 365 us dollars will provide food for the all year … 600 dhs - 700 a year will provide a roof … So please this Xmas, If you are throwing anything out, anything at all that can be sold or be useful to The Dhaka Project please bag it and bring it in.
    The first school year will start in January and at the moment she is looking for school bags or things that can be used as school bags, stationary and other items kids can use at school. But anything can be used to buy this stuff.

    It just shows, you may think that you will never make a difference, but one person actually can…

    So here goes. For every person that fav’s this image up to Xmas day. I will donate 1dhs to the Dhaka Project. If you fav then send a mail to Mariachildrendhaka@yahoo.com
    If you would like to do your own Dhaka Project image I will also donate 1dhs to the project.

    If you do please add to the group


    Not only this I have convinced my AD agency to sponsor her and we are creating an awareness campaign and doing her site.

    For more information: Please check her small website


    Thank you in advance and have a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

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