Dear Friend,

    It's hot as hell and raining here and all I can think about is how peaceful it is during first snowfall... maybe subconsciously I think that Mother Nature can be willed into submission and quit with the obnoxious heat and humidity.
    Although, I think it's really a metaphor for where I am right now. The thing I love about waking up in the morning, especially those rare Christmas mornings, and seeing everything covered in thick blankets of white, is that all that was once old and worn now looks new and "refreshed". [:)]
    I am growing more comfortable each passing day with where I am in life and where my decisions have taken me. The looping snowfall scene in my head is really more of a visualization of the calmness that I am feeling now.
    I have met some amazing people this past month and am learning to take things slower and appreciate the little things more.
    Thank you for helping me see things as they are and not as they should be. Your patience and understanding are true virtues.

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