Inner Space... part 2.

    [Thursday, Sept 11] Tornados. Hurricane. $6 a gallon gas. Country Music. An unforseen car accident. This is the goodness awaiting me in Branson. I can feel it.
    Quick rundown of the evening....
    Caliber is cool.
    Gps got me lost. Dumped me in a trailer park.
    I miss country music.
    Hillbilly Inn. I love this town.
    Cute Starbucks girl flirted her ass off with me. I love this town.
    Hotel Hottie. LOL. LOL.

    Hotel Hottie: Good evening. Checking in?
    Me: Good job. ::cute smile:: Spencer. Nicole.
    Hotel Hottie: ::cute smile back:: Wonderful.
    ::small chat and gratuatous amounts of flirting::
    Hotel Hottie: Before the keys, please sign this waiver. It just says you won't smoke in the room or have any pets.
    Me: Ok. ::starts signing & stops.:: Damn. You just ruined my evening, ya know.
    Hotel Hottie: I'm sorry?
    Me: I have a gerbil in my car... what am I supposed to do now?
    Hotel Hottie: ::Look of horror followed by insane laughter::

    Hello, Branson. You and I are going to get along just fine.

    [Friday, Sept 12] Happy Birthday, you! I suck, I know. Hopefully, someday you will allow me to show you how sorry I am for being a part of that. I've missed you, but you're never more than a thought away.

    And. Fuck all. I was right. There was a car accident. With the hottest guy I've ever laid eyes on or smashed into. Damn his dirty girlfriend.

    [Saturday, Sept 13] Flight 7958. 5am. It smells funny in here. Really funny. The flight attendant looks like Meg Ryan, hot Meg from Inner Space-Meg... only this one's on a strict Twinkies only diet. Still, something about her makes me want to kiss her and I swear it's not because I'm convinced she's filled creamy goodness.

    [7am-ish that same day] It's a law...law of nature or whatever, but every toilet I enter has to have been previously pissed on by someone else. Every one. It's as if they are breaking in toilets everywhere for me. Thank you, oh Superior Diety, but I can handle this one myself.

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