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    October 2007 - Punk'n Picking w/The Porters

    I haven't been posting as often as I would like and I can't figure out why, really. Ha! Hello busy Spencers!

    Here's the quick, quick catch up of the things that stand out the most: Last week Addi and I were finally able to take advantage of my awesome work schedule and slept until 8 most mornings. Well, Addi woke at 7, grabbed her blanky and in a tired haze stumbled over to where I was sleeping. She crawled on top of me and slept for over an hour. I hated having to get up and move her. I would never complain if every morning started off with an hour long hug.

    She spent Thanksgiving with her dad and seemed to have a blast. I called Thursday evening and she threw the phone when she realized it was me... mommy's not nearly as much fun as a Great Dane. I spent the afternoon watching a little girl not much younger than Addi interact with her family and surroundings... I don't think I've ever missed Addi so much - seriously... never. I am pretty sure she could get away with murder some days.

    She found a new word while she was playing with her daddy, though. "Yes!" She says it in the most definitive way. There is no question at to what she is saying and she says it with so much conviction, its awesome.

    And... apparently, Addi has made a new friend. I guess all it takes is an Alphabet Elmo and you're in.

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