This story has definitly taken a new turn...maybe.

    Pisces Horoscope ~ January 13, 2009

    Try not to be too critical of someone who has let you down recently. Showing them some compassion will be a lot more productive than giving them grief. When you talk to them today, start off slowly and then build up to the heavier issues you want to deal with. Let them know that they can trust you with the latest updates in their life without you judging them. Listen without interruption -- when they want to know what you have to say, they will ask you.


    Jennifer said...

    hmmm...that's a pretty interesting horoscope there missy ;)

    Nikki said...

    Right! It seems to translate through to a couple different issues I've encountered lately.

    Do you think there might be something to this whole astrological thing? lol

    Jennifer said...

    One never knows ;).


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