When the winds of change blow, some people build walls...others build windmills

    "Our limitations and successes will be based, most often,
    on our own expectations for ourselves."

    Thank god the holidays are over… I could not deal with the never-ending supply of gift baskets and chocolaty goodness visually berating me for not indulging from our office kitchen. I have put on *ahem* 15 pounds in the last two months. Willpower? What? Sigh…

    I know some of you don’t understand my issue with my weight and are constantly rolling your eyes if I mention something about it, but it’s something I have always struggled with. And as someone who has lost 110 pounds [that’s like Victoria Beckham and one of her kids!] I know how easy it is to get to my point of ‘no return’. When I was younger I struggled so much with my self-image, that it consumed me. Looking back, I realize how freaking stupid I was and that it was all in my head… and years from now I will be looking back on right now, doing the same thing. I struggled with eating disorders on both sides of the scale until I was 26. Right now, it’s more of a dull nag when I pick up a donut or go back for my 6th cup of coffee filled with glorious amounts of cream and sugar. It’s taken me a long time to get to the point of being able to look in the mirror and not cringe at the sight of what I liked to refer to as “my fat ass”.

    With all that said, one of my New Years Resolutions is to do more, physically, run - be it that half marathon or a 5k … and get into the Scorpion pose. I will baby!! I will!

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