Not to be confused with That Guy...

    Friday night I went to the big city to spend some time with Carl. I look forward to these days... they are my escape from my reality in a way. Its my 24 hours of re-fueling.

    This weekend, we made a spontaneous trip to the Sears Tower. Due to my inability to ever make it to the train station on time, we were left in Chicago with a couple hours to kill and what better place to spend it in? Carl grew up in Chicagoland, yet even though he claims otherwise, he's kind of new to the city... and had never been to the Tower!

    We stood at the top and looked out over the city telling stories of the different places and times we've encountered downtown, tried to find his apartment and goofed around like school kids in the photo booth afterward. I've been to the Sears Tower 7 times now. This was one of my favorite times. There was a different perspective, a different atmosphere... a different kind of appreciation.

    Carl is one of my favorite people. I've experienced pieces of him before in others, but to have someone to talk to openly, share with openly and trust completely... you don't find that everyday. I wanted to document this day, because even now, 32 hours later, I still have a smile on my face. More on this later... {grin}


    Really? said...

    Very Cool. :) I had a great time; I mean Carl had a great time as well. :) The view was great but the company was better. :)

    The Coffee House Shop said...

    Hi Nikki! Thanks for posting on my blog. I liked what you did with the Photo Scavenger Hunt --= I told my husband that on Valentine's day we were going to spend it doing random artsy photo shoots, so maybe we'll incorporate that. Thanks!


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