Potty Training 101... here we go again.

    We're potty training here at the Spencer household right now. Well... again, I should say. About 6 months ago, Addi was all over it. Maybe I was in denial and didn't want to see my baby grow up so quickly or... maybe I was just too focused on other things. Either way, she ended up in pull-ups again.

    Yesterday, I took the plunge and she wore her "beeg girl pantays" all day. No messes, either! Of course, the alarm went off every 30 minutes to remind me to ask her... but its still exciting! We have a chart on the fridge that she gets to put stickers on and she is loving every minute of it.
    Addi is an easy study, so I don't expect this to take long... however, I on the other hand am not really ready for my baby to be grown-up. Oh... and I just remembered that I forgot to have her go before her nap... I think she's better at this than I am.

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