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    This morning at about 2am Addi crawled into bed with me...this was a first. She smelled faintly of lavender lotion and crayons, telling me that she'd been up for a while and was enjoying her freedom. She had the hardest time going to sleep last night. Even at 11pm, when I finally turned in, I could still hear her moving around and talking with her "buddies".

    She doesn't want to play in her room anymore and she's been a little more temperamental than usual. I try and explain to her, sometimes with forced enthusiasm, that we are moving and she's going to get her own room and have new friends to play with. She doesn't understand... yet, she just sees things are a mess and all of her safe retreats and favorite things are covered with plastic or going in boxes.

    Thursday is the big move. My plan is to set her room up first... even if everything else stays in my living room all night. Friday morning is what I am truly worried about... and each morning after that. He won't be there and I'm not sure how to explain that one away...

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