A kick in the teeth is good for some...

    I moved. Finally… after 9 months. March 19 was the first night at the new place… just Addi and I. Too many people have been asking me why it took me so long, but I really don’t want to go into it –too many reasons. Read some of my previous posts… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to piece it all together.

    I absolutely love having my own space. I miss pieces of my old world and I have a lot of down time and that is not something I am used to. I have purposely not hooked up my internet because I kind of like this feeling of being in my own little world. I mean that in the best way possible… too many distractions elsewhere. I found myself completely caught up in virtual communication. My FaceBook is connected to my Twitter, which is connected to my MySpace and this blog, which feeds back into FaceBook. All of the above ding my cell phone and my email with any updates and my personal emails are forwarded to my work email. There is no escaping anything. Ever. Why did I feel the need to be so freaking connected and attached to everyone and everything all the time?

    I have a little pattern… my connectivity ebbs and flows. I’m all in for a month or so, then I am all out for a couple weeks and I start all over again. I have a friend who just recently got long distance and has no cell phone. My breath caught in my throat when I first heard this. I thought, how do people get in touch with you? Yet, the allure of private time… of doing what you want with no distractions was so appealing, that I am rebelling against myself and the virtual web I wove.

    So, yes… to some degree I am ignoring all of you. I will call Comcast Saturday but, until then, I’m staying in my self imposed time-out from the internet.

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