This is fitting for my head today...

    Taken from I Wrote This For You

    Being enlightened doesn't mean being happy. It means you're ok even when things aren't.
    Interesting weekend. Lots of thoughts. Lots of changes. I'm excited and find myself looking forward to tomorrow with more exhileration than I can ever remember. I'm cutting this off here... if I give you all the goodies now, you've no reason to come back. And I want you here... with me... on this new journey.

    I'm stealing a line or two from a new friend, "I am pretty much standing on the edge of a cliff hanging one foot over the ledge. It isn't my intention to have you try and pull me back, but maybe in a way I'm just asking you to join me for a moment and look down."

    This, for me, is about absolute self-acceptance, trust, and exploration. Ha! Interesting... that seems to be something this new friend is looking for, too. Interesting time for us to have come into one another's life.

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