Monkey's morning shenanigans.

    I was running late this morning, you're shocked... I know, so I asked Addi in my best "do as mommy says and I'll give you some jelly-beans" voice to help me by getting herself dressed for school. That's a lot to ask of a 2 year old, I know, but I had jelly-beans... so that means anything's possible, right?

    {10 minutes later}
    Shirt, check. Underwear (on the right way), check. Pants (zipped up, too!), check. I squealed with glee seeing all of this and tried for one more favor... socks and shoes.

    Her favorite shoes are "too sma" and must be given to the "itty baybee", as Addi informed me yesterday, so I was crossing my fingers there wasn't going to be an issue this morning over her shoes. {Isn't she a bit young for a shoe obsession?}

    ... Silence.

    Sighing and fearing black marker on the walls and peanut butter in her hair, I went into her room and found her... quite as a mouse, putting stickers on her feet.

    She looked up at me with those big blue eyes, started giggling and said, "My so funny, mommy!"

    And she is... she makes me laugh.

    Eh... what's another 5 minutes... work can wait, right? Today, I'm focusing on learning to relax, not react. I swear, I learn more from her somedays than she does from me.

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