In my opinion, words are often unnecessary. Hence, my photo blog.

    Starting the day off with a couple of hotties:
    @jrporter and @beporter. {assslap}
    [pic stolen from @beporter]
    Mommy and Monkey

    [pic stolen from @jrporter]
    [pic stolen from @jrporter]
    "That's 'nuff, Mommy. I too full."
    @beporter is Monkey's new best friend
    Thanks for wearing her out @beporter.
    For the record, she said she loves you.
    [pic stolen from @jrporter]
    @jrporter to @NikolSpencer: Thanks for letting Addi wear him out, too. ;)


    Jenn said...

    I love these pics and I loved our Sunday together - thanks for coming out! Big #sloppykiss to you and the monkey :)

    @NikolSpencer said...

    Thanks, dear! Next time I will bring the real camera. The phone didn't do too badly, but could have been better. ;) I had a blast too, we sooo have to do that more often. Maybe leave the poor furry ones out of the shenanigans this time though. I felt so bad for them after we left! lol That's why we have fish. ;)


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