So, perhaps I overreacted. There was no hacking to be had.

    The Boy and I went for a little hike Saturday. We went to Matthiessen Park in Utica, IL. Gorgeous!! When he originally asked me to go, he mentioned, several times, we were going to be in a wooded area. Being the Smart Ass Extraordinaire that I am, I jokingly asked if he was planning on scattering my remains throughout the forest. Not really second date joking material, I know, but that’s how I roll. Luckily, his humor is just as ill as mine.

    Yes. We are dorks and not only communicate via text & email,
    but also Twitter, my most recent obsession.

    @nikolspencer: Going hiking with The Boy today. Cross your fingers he doesn't scatter my remains throughout the "wooded" area. {Eyes dart around}
    Caution tape in the middle of the forest?
    Coincidence? Or Forshadowing?
    {awkward hesitation}

    @The Boy: {Tests his wood chipper}

    @nikolspencer: Yeah. He got us lost.

    @nikolspencer: Just in case

    [stolen from The Boy]
    [stolen from The Boy]

    @nikolspencer: {wonders} I think he might be pregnant. I've never met man who has to pee so often.
    @The Boy: @NikolSpencer I am worse when I drink.
    No horses... or their friends allowed!
    I see the begining of a funny face. No doubt humoring me and one of my jokes, I am sure.
    [stolen from The Boy]
    [stolen from The Boy]
    [stolen from The Boy]
    [stolen from The Boy]
    [stolen from The Boy]

    After the hike, we spent some time laughing over dinner. And I was able to quickly show The Boy just how giggly I can get after a strong drink.
    @nikolspencer: Ftr, blackberry long island ice teas are really really strong. {giggle}{giggle}

    Best inside joke of the day...
    @The Boy: is sore in spots he didn’t know he had....damn my uterus aches.

    We watched Role Models at his place and half of Hitch before I fell asleep. I woke up exactly the way I fell asleep, so its safe to say he's a pretty nice guy. He keeps me entertained and that's a hard thing to accomplish some days.

    Thanks for the laughs, the little adventures and another fun Saturday, Boy. {winks}

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