Some strange music draws me in.

    I wanted to share with you the songs that I have been listening to lately... and by lately, I mean I've been repeating these songs for the past week. Ok... killing is probably more accurate. I tend to stumble across songs that perfectly highlight the mood and the situation I find myself in... and these songs are no exception. Listen and love... or at least listen and humor me. {winks}

    I would love to hear your thoughts on these, especially since some of you turned me on to these songs and moments.

    The Blue Jackets - You Send Shivers
    I discovered The Blue Jackets while watching Purple Violets. Haven't seen it? Get on it. There is another song that I really want you to hear, but cannot find it on YouTube, so please listen to Do You Remember here. I love the emotion and the sulleness rought of regret in this song.

    Dawes - Love Is All I Am
    In order to adequatly describe how I feel about this song, I would have to paint you picture upon picture of setting suns and read you poems written just for you, as the cool winds blow off the beach and through our hair. Essentially, there are not words.. its a place for me... not just a tune.
    Have I lost you? {winks}

    Port O'Brien - My Will Is Good
    Just listen. Its contagious.

    Fun. - Ba Ba Ba (I Wanna Be The One)
    This is for my little Monkey... "dare say the love of my life"
    "All the muscles in my mouth never smiled or said profound things until the day she handed you to me."

    The Format - On Your Porch
    There were parts of my heart that had been left in the dark... ignored. I'd like to say this expresses those parts. Such sorrow and hope all tied together with a pretty little melody.

    The acoustic version is my favorite, as it so often goes. However, I cannot find a decent copy of it on YouTube.com... but if you do, let me know.

    This song has been played 136 times in the last week... and thats only while I've been at work. I have completly fallen in love with this band. They are touring soon, I think the closest to Chicago will be Indiana. I'm thinking about a road trip.

    Augustana - Boston
    Finally... an acoustic cover without an annoying 13 year old girl singing along. What is it with me and the acoustic covers? I hate the filtered, the over processed. Listen to an acoustic set vs. a studio set... the emotion and the vocal uniqueness has not been extracted yet. This ties into my desire to see an opera... some day. I'll be the one crying like a baby riddled with goose bumps.

    Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra - Its a Heartache
    This is hands down the best version of this song I've heard.


    Jenn said...

    You know I love that Augustana song, but that's because I sent it to you. There's just something haunting about it for me.

    And I'm on music overload here, i don't know where to go next....thanks ;)

    @NikolSpencer said...

    I think I am going to have to make a habit out of posting my playlists, as I have about 10 more I would love to add on here. One is that AA Bondy song. Did you listen and love? :)


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