And yes... I ate the whole bag of gummy worms.

    Saturday, the lovely @jrporter and I headed east, cameras in hand and giggle boxes turned over. This is a photoblog [aka large mass of pictures] from that journey.

    @jrporter and I off to Chi City in search of random acts of greatness.

    @jrporter is laughing at me. I know it. Its ok, though.
    She's got a great smile.

     [picture via @jrporter]
    "Oo... I have to tweet this!"
    Just for a moment, you can imagine yourself in a far away country.

    I wish this were a scratch & sniff picture.

    I think the sidewalk artist saw me coming. {giggles}

    Something about this picture reminds me of myself...
    @jrporter getting her photog on.

    [picture via @jrporter]
    Initially, the drugstore had no problem with us shopping there.
    We stopped for gummies, drinks... and shenanigans.
    On our way to the Agora statue.

    His shirt says "Weird Fish"... and I really want one.

    Reason #528 that I love Chicago

    Oh, Agora... how I love thee.

    Have you seen these sculptures? I love art in motion... art that interacts with society and its surroundings. If you haven't been, I suggest you go. Take your time and look at the skylines from all angles.

    To me, this represents those of us who wander through our daily existence, as if we were headless... never noticing the beauty in the simplicity around us. Or each other, for that matter. For me, the darkness of the sculptures represents sullenness and a sense of longing.

    The sculptures were created by Magdalena Abakanowicz. The Polish sculptor explained the sculptures as this: "[Agora] must be like one body that represents so many different meanings," she said. "It's the self against the whole world." This is truly one of my favorite spots in Chicago. Click here to see more of Magdalena's work on Artsy.

    The bus we waited for... that we never intended to ride.
    Love this pic.. and the way we're both looking at something different...
    which is exactly why we get along so well.

    Shenanigans with @jrporter. "I'm alive and living in Houston."
    Favorite headline of the day.

    We closed this baby down.

    I'm ending this adventure with my favorite little ditty, "Enthusiasm for life, by the way, is contagious." Thanks @jrporter for sharing your enthusiasm with me. You were the breath of fresh air that I needed and I can't wait until our next adventure... next time, no gummy worms.

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