Who shall I point the finger at; Nature or Nurture? {giggles}

    This picture cracks me up! It is such a great visual representation of my daughter. Each night she comes home, she lines her shoes up. She is very organized and clean for a child... after dinner; she puts her dishes in the sink and wipes down the table. She scolds me when my room is a mess, which is often. But Addi has the greatest sense of humor and even though it frustrates me, when the moment gets too tense, she inevitably finds a way to relieve the tension.

    When I saw her shoes lined up this way this morning, I couldn’t help but laugh. I had just finished telling her that I wanted all the toys and miscellaneous b.s. (of course I was more eloquent with her) cleaned up. The randomness of the shoes lined up in the middle of the living room, with one pair out of synch and another backwards, was just her sarcastic way of saying “Sure Mom… whatever you say.”


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    MindyMom said...

    Very cute! My 4 y/o is a bit of a neat freak sometimes and it also cracks me up. Wish it were consistent tho!


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