Hey you… your nostalgia’s showing.

    It’s hard to believe how little I use my computer having cancelled my internet. I rarely have it on even for music. With my newest endeavors, which I will soon share, I am finding myself needing it more and more. I’m even considering playing nice with Comcast and turning my internet back on. Realizing that I may soon be joining the 21st century again, I’ve started organizing files and folders on my hard drive. Wow… I’ve got some picture uploading to do.

    I stumbled upon this set taken April 11, 2009. J’s birthday. There really isn’t much of a story here, except I had been bothering him for 2 years to go to the Amana Colonies in Iowa with me and of all days he suggest, he chose his birthday.

    J is one of very few people who truly appreciates my interest in packing up and moving out for a day. We’ve made a couple random day trips, and I’ve enjoyed all immensely. This one and the Agora trip, stick out the most in my mind, though. Perhaps it’s because it’s the newest, but I honestly feel it was the timing of the trip. The ease of pressure it lifted and the hope it restored. It was the first time I had my friend back in a long time.

    We left around noon and headed east. He drove. We made a couple stops along the way; The World’s Largest Hillbilly Gathering… I mean, Truck Stop and in Utica for lunch. It took us over 4 hours to get there… mainly because we were taking our time. And for the first time in a long time… enjoying the company of one another.

    Come on! How can you say no this? {giggles}

    6 months later, I still don't get this plate.

    To this day, one of my favorite videos of J!

    We pulled into one of the Colonies and made our way to the brewery, where we learned the shops were all closing in 30 minutes. We laughed, grabbed our cups and headed outside. I never appreciated beer, let alone dark beer until I met J, so I was excited to experience theirs again. It was pretty awesome… and we were quickly on our way to “goofy”.

    He is hilarious and so silly sometimes!

    Once we finished there, we wandered up and down a couple streets. We furiously snapped pictures. Random buildings. Our goofy faces. Perhaps, it was simply to prove we were there… but I knew where we were, whether physically or emotionally, was a place we both were mostly likely never going to be at again together. We made our way back to the car and I drove us home. We were in Amana an hour at the most and in the car for nearly 9 that day.

    As 2009 nears its end, I wanted to share with you a day I will cherish always. It astonishes me how even after all we have been through and the distance we have travelled from one another, how we can still manage to find our way back to center and look back laughing.

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