Hope you brought your hat... I'm having a party.

    I feel like something very large has been sitting on my chest for about two months now. I've been struggling to not let it bother me and I'm trying not to feel like I'm taking my last deep breaths, but I'm exhausted. Is there no end? My legs are tired from jumping these hurdles and I can almost taste the salty tears I've been holding back.

    Shame on this song for opening the gates...

    I've been telling myself for too long "something's got to change" and as of two weeks ago, I finally realized what it was. I'm keeping the details to myself a while longer, but acknolweding what has been staring me in the face, listening to what friends have been repeating for too long... and then this... well. Its enough.

    Its time I set out to accomplish what I came here for.

    p.s. This is not a tale of boys and heartbreak. Finally.
    And that... well, that alone inspires me even more.


    Jenn said...

    Curiosity is peaked, but alas, I'll wait until you're ready to share.

    Love you dear!

    Anonymous said...

    Staring at you in the face and friends have been repeating for too long?? Hmmm... Boob Job :)


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