What the hell is wrong with you?

     If there was anyone keeping my company this morning that is surely the question they would ask. I woke up on the wrong damn side of my broom this morning, I guess.

    I’m sick of being sick. I’m tired of being tired… and well… I’m over being stressed out. I’m just going to sit here and try to keep my mouth shut while I take a day to bitch internally to myself.

    {Staples forehead}


    The Mother Lode said...

    "What the hell is wrong with you?" sounds more like a question for Joe Blow. Keep riding that broom, lady. xoxo

    Jenn said...

    Broom or not - you are who you are if a man can't love that, he's not worthy of you.

    Also, aren't you running out of space? Your forehead isn't that big and you've been stapling it a lot lately ;)

    @NikolSpencer said...

    LMAO You both are so right. What the hell is wrong with *him*?

    Thanks for making me laugh girls... I'm almost ready to take the cranky pants off today. ;)

    morsemusings said...

    I experimented with online dating this year, first time at the age of 46 (for God sakes)

    I thought I was all alone with my thoughts of the third kind.

    Basically, what we have here, is a testament that men are unable to evolve and form intelligent thoughts.

    I'm feeling lucky I stopped by.


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