{Insert dramatic sigh here} Help! I need a mommy... or a daddy!!

    It goes without saying that I love my daughter more than anything. And I truly do believe she’s a very well behaved child, respectful and appreciative... all the things I could hope for.


    She’s the biggest dilly-dallier I’ve ever met. It takes her 15 minutes to put her boots on. They slip on. Addi and I are always running late and I’m trying my best to not bang my head on the wall every morning or scream and air kick my way out the door, but its really starting to become a problem.

    My patient pants are so hard to wear sometimes. Any suggestions/coping mechanisms out there? I know all parents have encountered this at one point or another.

    How do you keep your cool and not overheat?

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    Anonymous said...

    good points and the details are more specific than elsewhere, thanks.

    - Thomas


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