The taste of home is filling up my mouth

    I'm at a loss for words it seems today. Cherish this moment... they are few and far between.
    So, in keeping with last week's theme, here's more randomness from the gallery of my internet dwelling. 

    Best advice of the week:
    "The Sizzler is a great restaurant to take your friends that were born without tongues." Rob Huebel.

    Favorite Friday night (and Saturday morning) of 2010:
    Listening to infectious melodies in the presence of an enchanting soul... 
    ...and a couple so awesome, I had to share them... now.
    "...and there I sat silently watching as he poured himself emotionally into the lyrics of a world so similar to  his own. I unexpectedly found myself bathed in his honesty and vulnerability... feeling completely undeserving of that honor." - Random Musings

    That is all... for now.


    Coachdad said...

    Love the Sizzler quote! Found your blog from T's place. Love it and will be back!

    @NikolSpencer said...

    Thanks, yo! Glad to have you here!

    Hope you don't mind... I've now been lurking through your pages, too. Your little ones? Adorable. ;)

    Later, Vader. ;)


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