Tapeworms are what keep me thin.

    I heart the sideways glances I get when people learn I don’t have cable television [and I have no plans to, either].

    We all bitch about the effects of reality television and how it stagnates our brains. We complain about television raising our children [and God help us, for that]. Our daughters, sisters and girlfriends frown each morning in the mirror thinking of the Heidi’s, Lindsay’s and Kim’s. But my favorite part of all is this: we invite it in. We make it dinner and ask it to stay the night. And when the world bears down on us, we turn to it to console us.

    When will we realize there are healthier options? Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you have to watch/read/listen/buy/abuse it. But, it’s so much easier to sit and melt away; complaining of this bullshit society flings and wonder where our yesteryear morals have escaped to, isn’t it?

    Its amazing how much of yourself you find when you stop letting pop-culture tell you who you should be.

    {Jumps off soap box} I seem to be spending a lot of time on that thing lately. Next time I’ll bring my markers to make it look a little prettier. Decorate it Lisa Frank style, eh @jelliebraden?

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