Fingers crossed... my time is coming now.

    Is it possible that I have run out of things to complain about? Or have I simply entered into an adult state of emotional maturity and have simply channeled that frustration elsewhere? My online presence has diminished the last few months. My blog has turned tail and become more of a photolog. My twitter followers keep following and growing, even, despite my truancy and lack of brilliance.

    Whatever the reason you are still here, I appreciate your presence... truly I do. When I receive your comments and virtual nods of approval, I can't help but feel like a big deal at that moment. I live for inspiring moments and creative souls and through this circle of single parents huddled in our proverbial support circle, not only have I found my legs again, but I feel... is it... yes. My wings. There are so many things that I have wanted to do and for whatever reason, be it time, knowledge or resources, never took the plunge. I would tell you what I have been working on, but well... its uber top secret and will only be spilled if enough of you riot and force me out of my silence.

    {slaps knee} I kill myself sometimes.
    Oh, but seriously folks. {wipes a tear}

    I did finally pick up that paint brush this weekend , despite the flurry of excitement with Flannigan yesterday. I'm waiting for it to dry right now before I can move on to the next object... but I'm stoked just by its mere presence in my life right now. Knowing it's started has put a skip in my step. I'll share pictures when I'm a little farther along. For now though, I thought I would fill my silence with some of my favorite internet places. I had so much fun sharing some of the sites I window shop with my dear friend, The Gentleman, that I thought I would share with you too.

    So, world... welcome to my Sunday Show & Tell. {giggles}

    Words I'm loving and living:
    “For believe me: the secret for harvesting from existence the greatest fruitfulness and greatest enjoyment is - to live dangerously.”- Friedrich Nietzsche

    Overplayed album of the weekend:
    Lykke Li - Youth Novels

    Her song Time Flies is my favorite at the moment. She offers the unique ability to relate such raw honesty.  I love the contrast in emotions between the lyrics and her voice. Building confidence and positive energy coupled with insecurity and vulnerability. She's brilliant. {swoon}

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    jack said...

    Go for it! "Go for what?" You may ask? All of it. The whole ball of wax, the full 9 yards, and some other saying about wanting/getting everything. You madme are an amazing person, a "big deal" if you will... and if there is one thing for you to remember it is this... "don't poke a badger with a spoon". ...Wait, no that wasn't it, hold on... yes, here it is... "There is nothing in this world you cannot obtain or accomplish, all you must do is just that... do." I know how difficult this simple thing can be, however even the biggest hill can be climed by taking the smallest steps.
    I am excited and happy for you that you have started painting again and look forward to possibly seeing what you and your inspirations have created. I know how difficult it can be to create, but also know that inspiration can come suddenly and from unexpexted sources. I'm sure that I can speak for many others who read/follow/know you when I say "just keep being you". You have an incredible talent for creation, far more than you give yourself credit for. In short, don't dissapear, never forget to take the time to make "you" happy, and always continue to be you. Oh yeah, and remember to get some sleep ;) Everything you ever wanted is out there, so just go out there and take it. They may be difficult to see, and at times chalenging but obtainable. And remeber, don't get near badgers with a spoon.

    Ns - NotSteve


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