Somedays I wish I had a clone... but I know I couldn't live with the bitch.

    Recently, I struggle with time management... ok. There may be a little motivation issue, too... but mostly I'm just feeling worn out. I'm dating a great single father with full custody of his daughter and with the distance and schedules between us; we've been locked into a weekend romance. Problem is this; the weekends are the only time I have to get anything done.

    It’s difficult to not step on toes or hurt feelings when trying to manage two households and maintain sanity. I feel like I've slid into a nice little funk... it worries me. I can't lie. How many times have you heard your friends, or yourself, comment on how much individuality was lost during such and such relationship? I've done it before. It’s far too easy to become comfortable in the new collective and abandon all other responsibilities and interests.  Even the simple things in my life have been neglected. You should have seen the cobwebs and the spider I had to sword fight just to post this.

    Now, don't get me wrong. I've enjoyed my distraction. Relish it even. Perhaps, I'm just pushing out of that cocoon new lovers wrap themselves in, but I fear an issue starting to arise. Because our daily schedules are so vastly different, when he's ready to settle down and have brilliant conversations... I've just gotten home and have a shit-ton of strings to tie up. Some nights I'm so tired and cranky from the hoops of the day a simple "goodnight" is all I have the energy for. 

    If you have any snippets of brilliance you’d like to share, I’m ready, man. Advice. Stories. Cute little cartoon pictures… or perhaps you’d like to donate some time? I could set up a donation link… it’ll be classy.

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