Current Playlist: Potato Salad and Thigh Highs.

    My playlist has multiple personality disorder. Last week, it was cranking out Ludacris and Justin Bieber. This weekend? R.L. Burnside and Zac Brown Band. I said it earlier, and I'm still saying it... I wanna pack my bags and live in a Zac Brown Band song. 

    I listen to Chicken Fried and I think of my family. My daughters laughter. Cool summer evenings around campfires. Worn cowboy boots. My favorite sundress. Navy Boy's devilish smile. Life's simplistic moments that we all too often take for granted. 

    I big puffy pink heart Zac Brown and his lovely Band. He keeps my simple country girl in check. 

    Now. R.L. Burnside. Raise your hand if you don't know who he is. Ok... now go sit in the corner and give yourself a time out. That's not ok. This song lights an interesting fire within... I can't get over it.

    To put it a little more eloquently, the difference between these two artists and the feelings they invoke is this: Zac Brown would be a late afternoon picnic along the lake. RL Burnside would be a very sweaty early morning strip tease. 

    {gasp} I know. 

    Listen. Love... and maybe even drool a little. 

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